'Kim's creative intuition can be witnessed in the very special artworks she creates for her commissioned clients. She pours heart and soul into each piece and her professionalism, commitment and dedication to create the perfect artwork for each client is exceptional.'

I am often deeply immersed in personal projects, but do take on art commissions in between these projects. As from 2020 I have decided to limited the amount of commissions I take per year and rather focus more on personal projects.  But please feel free to contact me should you wish to commission me for artwork.

Commissions completed to date include bringing clients dreams and visions to life; creating logos, business cards and web banners, soul portraits, book covers, children's book illustrations, product packaging and labels, artworks and illustrations for course/workshop manuals and oracle decks.

Prices are based on how much detail, quantity and time. But on average logo's and business cards range from US$150 and full colour artworks range from US$300 per artwork.

Please contact me via email to discuss initial basic requirements and prices, thereafter we can arrange a video chat.

Below are some samples of commissions I've completed for clients.